Science and the Media

An engrossing atmosphere within a motion piucture requires attention to details from costumes to architecture and a immersable plot. History and science play an important role engaging the audience and providing credibility and immersion in the story. There are many fantastic examples blending scientific and historical knowledge into major productions including:

Movies on the silver screen

Jurrasic Park
One of the most iconic movie series of the last 30 years is Jurassic Park. One reason is the effort that went into the science, while keeping the plot and the scares intact.

Paleontologist John "Jack" R. Horner was the expert they brought on board as an advisor and was also the inspiration for the main character in the books.

The best example of bringing science into the film is Dinosaurs are not cold blooded. This scientific change or reclassification began in the late 1960’s however by then dinosaurs in the popular conscience where large lumbering cold blooded lizards. Jurassic Park is what changed that perception. In one scene the velociraptor were about to enter a kitchen and looked through a window, snorted and fogged it up. Only a warm blooded animal can do that.

Ant Man and The Wasp
Each new Marvel movie incorporates more and more science to back up the supernatural abilities of the heroes. It brings authenticity and a level of believability to something otherwise impossible.

Ant Man and The Wasp takes us to the quantum realm. When shrinking down to the size of electrons and atoms, classical physics breaks down. The world of the very small is governed by different physical effects and Ant Man and the Wasp exploit this scientific understanding. From quantum entanglement to tardigrade fields and time vortexes, this fun and charming installment carries a scientific punch as well.


Breaking Bad
A show spanning 5 seasons that mixed the right amount of drama, drug enforcement information and good old chemical know how.

The chemistry advisor, Donna Nelson, was found through a call out though a magazine "Chemical & Engineering News" asking for volunteers. The magazine has a readership of about 167 000 people and they got just one reply. Had the chemistry side of Walter White been less believable and less authentic would we still be talking about this show?

Video Games

Assassins Creed
Built upon a foundation of research and credible history, this game takes gamers through an experience that can only be described as authentic.

With Historians and Egyptologists involved and integrated into the design team from the beginning of the process, Ubisoft created a fictional story based on historical context. This context includes Egyptian society, dress and even the language. This merging art/story form is becoming more varied and complex every year, increasing the types of stories that can be told. It is only going to get better.