Our Services

We are the solution to all your knowledge needs

On set advising:

We are professors, graduate students, nurses and doctors. We know our professions. Work culture, common interpersonal conflicts, power dynamics, the good and the bad, we know it cause we live it!
We are the obvious choice to advise actors playing roles similar to our experts. The next time a young and bright professor or graduate is ready to save the world we will be too!

Lectures and Background Information:

Our expertise covers a wind range of academic topics and disciplines so you don't have to! We can tailor a lecture or workshop on almost any top to provide producers, directors or actors the background information required to visualize the science.
Question and answer sessions in conjunction with a formal presentation or as a standalone service, are a great way to explore the implications of science, or history on the plot elements of the production.

Set Dec and Laboratory tours:

Many of us lead or are part of a laboratory. Need to see a working laboratory? Need to see the real life protocols for the science and safety? Need to find out what is mandatory in a shot so it looks like the real deal?
When it is too difficult to create a facsimile, we have the answer as some of laboratory equipment maybe available for rent.
Finding the real McCoy just got easier.

Script and plot elements:

Solving questions like how would this sci-fi technology work in "theory"? Or is this sequence of events scientifically plausible? We have the experts that can help you blend your creative genius into scientific theory. Giving it the air of plausibility and authenticity.
We also have or can find someone for any topic. We hope to add framing to your creative licence, leaving all plot and story elements in place.