Our knowledge

From Geology to Astronomy to healthcare we got your knowledge needs covered. Here are some examples.

Astronomy, Astrophysics & Physics

Space truly is the final frontier and possibly stranger than fiction. From quantum entanglement, to planetary formation, to black holes and the event horizon we have the right people.

Life Sciences

Biomedical research, Infectious diseases, and Genetics, just to name a few. We are in front of these fast moving scientific fields so you don't need to be.

Natural Hazards

Survival, and perseverance are at the heart of stories pitting humans against nature. From weather events to volcanic eruptions to meteor impacts, we can help increase the believability of the plot.

Ancient Creatures

If the next adventure takes the protagonist time traveling we are ready to assist in bringing a Sabretooth tiger, or a T-rex back to life.

Hospitals and patient recovery

Does story include injury, a hospital stay, or recovery? We can assist in keeping it accurate without placing the plot on life support.


Mining, drilling, oil, gas, gold and gems, we have the experts to explain and discuss how we find and extract natural resources.

Physical Sciences

Analytical, organic, polymers and everything in-between, we'll condense and synthesize the science in a way to keep it real

History and Archaeology

Specific time periods, ancient and modern societies; your next project will look and feel amazing