About Us

With over a combined 200 years of expertise in a wide range of disciplines, we are a team of academics and professionals that are passionate about the natural, life and social sciences. We are also excited to share, discuss and provide accurate information to the public. Don't find someone fitting the needed expertise? Ask us! We will leverage our extensive network within the local and/or global academic community to find the perfect knowledgeable professional.

- Our Team of Professionals-

Dr. Jeffrey Zurek

Expertise: Geophysics, Volcanology, Mineral exploration
Languages: English

Dr. Glyn Williams-Jones

Co-founder & Professor of Earth Sciences; Simon Fraser University
Expertise: Volcanology Natural hazards, Geology
Languages: English, French, Spanish

Anna Andreieva

Registered Nurse; BSN. Nursing UBC
Expertise: Nursing, Health care
Languages: English, Russian


Dr. Deyar Asmaro

Langara College-Instructor
Expertise: Psychology, Effects of space travel, addictions
Languages: English, Japanese


Dr. Adam Barlev

Expertise: Chemistry, Molecular Biology, DNA repair
Languages: English

Dr. Gwen Bailey

Caltech and Resnick Sustainability Institute, Postdoctoral Scholar
Expertise: Chemistry, Inorganic chemistry, catalysis
Languages: English, French
Location: Los Angeles

Rebecca Barrick

Marine Mammal Trainer, Honours BSc in Marine Biology
Expertise: Marine Biology, Animal Training, Commercial Fishing
Languages: English

Dr. Kelly Boothby

Expertise: Mathmatics, Quantum Mechanics
Languages: English

Dr. Guillermo Caravantes

CEO GeoArc Foundation
Expertise: Volcanology, Structural Geology
Languages: English, Spanish, Italian
Location: Spain

Dr. Shahin Dashtgard

Professor, Earth Sciences; Simon Fraser University
Expertise: Sedimentology, Oil and gas resources
Languages: English

Dr. Eric Eckbo

Resident Physician in Medical Microbiology
Medical Doctor
Expertise: Pediatrics, Infectious Diseases, Laboratory Medicine, Infection Control
Languages: English

Dr. Gwenn Flowers

Professor Earth Sciences; Simon Fraser University
Expertise: Glaciology, Hydrology, Climate
Languages: English, French

Shila Khayam

Registered Nurse - BSN,
Expertise: Neonatal intensive care nursing speciality
Languages: English

Dr Orion Kidder

Ph.D. English Literature
Expertise: Shakespeare and Comics
Languages: English

Dr. Daniel Leznoff

Professor of Chemistry; Simon Fraser University
Expertise: Inorganic chemistry
Languages: English

Dr. Carl Lowenberger

Professor Biological Sciences; Simon Fraser University
Expertise: Biology Entomology, Parasitology
Languages: English

Katherine Negrin

Registered Nurse
Expertise: Nursing , Critical care, Intensive care
Languages: English

Dr. David Novitski

Expertise: Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, energy science
Languages: English


Melissa Roth

Expertise: Archaeology, Ancient DNA
Languages: English


Dr François Therrien

Curator of Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology
Expertise: Dinosaurs, Paleontology, Paleoecology
Languages: English, French
Location: Drumheller Alberta

Dr. Isabel Trigger

TRIUMF Research Scientist
Expertise: Particle Physics
Languages: English, French

Dr. Nienke van der Marel

NRC research fellow at NRC Herzberg Institute for Astrophysics
Expertise: Astrophysics, Planet formation
Languages: English, Dutch

Dr. Brent Ward

Professor Earth Sciences; Simon Fraser University
Expertise: Landslides, Natural Hazards
Languages: English